Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok, for real now:

Catching up:

1) I had two races last season I never posted about. One kicked ass (hard to argue with an age group win) and the other sucked (almost 15% off my goal pace).

2) I really like my Garmin Edge 305. It makes for an interesting conversation with other geeky cyclists I know. We can all sit around and compare heart rate graphs for that big hill on such and such street. More than anything, it's a motivator, in the sense that it doesn't lie. It's easy, when training, to either lull yourself into underperformance or work yourself to death. Having data at your fingertips can help prevent either of those extremes.

3) Also really like the new trainer. I dunno if it's pure luck or something special about this particular model, but it doesn't seem to eat tires like other trainers do. Right now I have cyclocross tires on one of my bikes, and I ride it on the trainer often. I'd expect a trainer to shred a cross tire, but it shows no wear.

4) Need to get/stay motivated. See second set of race results mentioned up top. In addition, lots of other things going on in life right now (not about to yack them all over this blog, don't worry) so it's been tough to stay in shape. I think I'm finally getting back on top of my game after months of crap, so hopefully this is the "real thing" and not a fake motivational boost.

On a related note, how do you know if a year is going to be "the" year? I feel like I've had certain bike-related goals for a few years in a row and they've never been realized.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Smarty--I couldn't believe it when I saw you on Snobby!

How the heck are you?!?

I'm doing an indoor triathlon Sunday. My first one. Should be interesting.

smartypants said...

Kickass! Glad to hear from you, and good luck with the tri. I'm keen to hear how it goes! I've heard of tris with runs on tracks and with swims in pools, but never one totally indoors.

Some day I'll tell all sorts of interesting stories about what I've been up to for the last 9 months, but alas I came down with a fever this afternoon so I'm probably going to sleep all weekend.